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Nadine Branch, "Hair Doc"
Hair Care Specialist

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Nadine Branch, former owner of Nadine's Beauty World, has been in the hair care business since 1980. Her clientele spans the United States, from New York, Chicago, Kansas City, and Alabama to Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Michigan and her home state of California, where she is well known in the large metropolitan cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Orange County and the Inland Empire. Renowned for her signature haircuts and a commitment to a multicultural, multiracial, total-quality hair care approach, she uses only leading-edge techniques.

Hairstylist Training And Hairstylist Tools

Stylists trained by Nadine are from state-accredited schools. She ensures that her staff has timely information on hair care, providing on-the-job training, expertise and consultation. Nadine endeavors to continually develop and enhance each staff member's skills by providing vital feed-back to stylists as they work on their clients, with emphasis on customer etiquette and service. She has trained more than 30 hair stylists, both recent beauty school graduates who have since found jobs in hair care, and others with a measure of industry experience.

Nadine's mission is to meet the hair care needs of her diverse clientele in a consistently professional manner while continually educating clients on their individual hair care and beauty needs. The Hair Doc, as she's effectively known by her clients and peers, keeps her finger on the pulse of the marketing and creative side of the beauty industry, staying abreast of care and styling trends. A constant attention to detail coupled with an innately caring nature make her sensitive to concerns and/or complaints of consumers disenchanted with other stylists, eventually winning them as her own repeat clients. Year after year, consumers would complain to Nadine of not having their hair care needs met and she determined it was crucial to her success and to meeting her clients' personal standards to see that they were satisfied by providing professional total quality hair care.

Nadine believes that were accredited beauty schools to add business and diversity training courses to their curriculum and look upon the beauty industry as a professional service rather than a trade, it would result in more stylists succeeding and thus a greater net positive impact on the industry as a whole. She believes proper education will give the hairstylist tools for business success in the 21st century.

The impact Nadine has made on her clients is something she wants every stylist to experience. What places Nadine at the forefront of the industry is her understanding of not only the technical side of hair care and styling, but the importance of operating a professional, top-notch business. Nadine sets herself apart by her willingness to share information with and train other stylists. She eagerly seeks networking opportunities with other hairstylists to learn and to offer on-the-job hairstylist training.

With nearly 30 years of industry experience, Nadine has come to believe that industry success is based on truly listening to the client's needs and concerns, and acting on those needs and concerns. She is convinced that it is of utmost importance to honestly impart knowledge to clients and to always remember that each client has unique needs.