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About Us: Nadine's World Hair Specialist And Hair Education

If doctors can treat patients of all ethnicities, why can't hair professionals intuitively asks the Hair Doc herself, Nadine Branch, hair specialist, consultant, and owner of Nadine's World. It is this global approach to life and business that has guided Nadine since 1980, when such fresh, progressive thinking in the hair-care business was hardly a notion. But today's global economy and hair cares multibillion-dollar contribution to it has finally caught on with the Hair Doc's vision, as she continues to make her mark in the industry.

It is the mission of Nadine's World's to elevate the art, fashion, and science of hair care and hair education above its industry peers by offering no boundaries racial, ethnic, cultural or otherwise. Because no two persons' hair is the same, individualized and personalized service that considers a client?s unique medical and/or genetic history as it relates to hair texture, growth, and response to treatment is a feature of hair care and hairstylist training that distinguishes the Nadine's World brand.

I am continually amazed at the misinformation that exists in our industry regarding this issue, and it starts in beauty school where black clients are typically sent to black students and white clients are sent to white students. I have even known beauty colleges that only wanted people of color to teach relaxers. They believed it was what the students wanted. But we've got to educate kids in beauty school to be more open-minded. I've trained stylists of all races to do relaxers. ? Nadine Branch, Shades of Beauty magazine.


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