Hair specialist rewrites the script for Marcel Thermal Tools

Orange County, Calif.—Nadine Branch, the innovative hair-care specialist effectively known as the “Hair Doc,” announces the launch of her debut instructional video: Marcel Thermal Tools Misconception, Rewriting The Script: Why We Need Change. The DVD, the culmination of Branch’s nearly 30 years of hair care and beauty industry experience, seeks to enhance the applied technique of Marcel Thermal Tools to multicultural hair of all textures.

Marcel Thermal Tools is the first in a series of how-to videos, featuring the “Hair Doc,” under the “Rewriting The Script” project to help both the hair-care professional and the beauty school student work smarter and offer better service to clients while enhancing their income.

“I created the DVD with the intent to change the mindset of today’s and tomorrow’s professional stylist, who, in many cases, along with accredited hair care schools and beauty institutions across the country, have not been given proper, if any, training on the professional Marcel Thermal Tools,” says Branch. “These tools, when used correctly, will make the hair care professional very valuable.

This need for informing and educating both hair care professionals and clients is critical to dispelling what Branch considers harmful myths with regard to proper hair treatment, especially “who does whose hair”—the misconception held by too many professionally licensed stylists that Marcel Thermal Tools are just for black (clients’) hair, says Nadine. “In fact, the Marcel Thermal Tools are for every hair texture, without regard to race or ethnicity,” she emphasizes. “There’s a lot of work to be done to dispel this misconception, and my DVD seeks to do just that.” 

The “Hair Doc” moniker is indicative of Nadine’s nearly three decades of hair care service, innovation, training, entrepreneurship and, most importantly, her never ceasing willingness to share her knowledge with both aspiring and established hair-care professionals alike. The DVD release coincides with the Nadine’s World interactive website launch, the premier online destination for hair-care professionals and enthusiasts looking to make an impact on the dynamic hair-care industry.