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Education: Jobs In Hair Care

Among the many attributes that make Nadine a standout hair care professional apart from her peers is the emphasis she places on educating her clients beyond simply providing them a distinctive, life-enhancing hair care experience. Her 30 years in the hair care business attest to this truism and the longevity that marks her success.

The ?Hair Doc? is an expert on stylist manners and etiquette, with emphasis on styling hair of all textures?inclusive of all cultures and races, from African American hair to Japanese hair straightener techniques. She is highly effective in helping her industry peers diversify their styling and customer service skills and not limit themselves to any one particular type of hair or ethnic client.

But just as she seeks to educate her clients, Nadine is eager to learn from them as well. ?My clients have taught me valuable lessons about the human element of customer service . . . how treating them with the utmost respect and listening to their special needs is as much a part of their satisfaction as a great hair care experience,? Nadine explains.

The platforms Nadine utilizes in her educational efforts include: Beauty school lectures and demonstrations; webinars; hairstyling DVD; one-to-one and group consultations; and instructional videos of hairstyles. Whether online or in-person, the ?Hair Doc? is eager to share her knowledge with everyone, creating and expanding jobs in hair care.

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