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Hair Specialist Gallery

View the many clients who have been transformed by hair specialist Nadine?s life-enhancing styling skills. ?Hair care is about more than simply ?hair,?? says the ?Hair Doc.? ?Healthy hair contributes to a healthy body and a healthy self-outlook.? In so many respects, hair care and styling represents how we feel about ourselves, she adds. ?If a client feels sad or indifferent when they come to me, it?s my motivation to make them feel great when they leave me,? she says. ?If they feel good coming in to see me, I work to make them feel even better afterwards.? ?

This is Nadine?s inspiration, to enhance her clients? lives, to empower them to take care of their hair between appointments. Each photo image represents a story of the client, a story that speaks to their journey from one point to another. A script that continues to be re-written by the ?Hair Doc? by applying her powerful styling and hair care techniques of cut, color and texture.

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