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It?s no secret that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising. When a client has a good experience in the consumer world, she?ll tell three other people. When she has a bad or regrettable experience, she?ll tell 10 others. The ?Hair Doc? is very much aware of this marketing fact, which is why her customer service approach is predicated on providing her clients with a unique, thorough, insightful hair care experience that meets and exceeds both their expectations and personal standards. Her years of experience give her a special insight into all types of hair, from wavy hair treatment to lifeless hair, and everything in between.

The following testimonials are the experiences of some of the many clients who consider Nadine more than simply a hair stylist but an educator and friend. They are the beneficiaries of the ?Hair Doc?s? time-tested multicultural hair care techniques, the wisdom she?s cultivated over nearly 30 years in the hair care profession, working with diverse clientele from African American hair salons to salons that specialize in Asian hair styling, and many others. Her experience had provded a priceless education she generously shares with clients and professionals alike through her speaking engagements, consulting, and online videos of hairstyles.

Client Testimony

I am pleased to write a testimonial on behalf of Nadine Branch and Nadine?s World, LLC.? Ms. Branch is more than a hair stylist; she is a ?Hair Doc.? I say Hair Doc because she steps out of the traditional stylist?s box and into the arena of an educator and hair doctor. Just as one would go to the doctor to correct a health issue in one?s body, after sitting in Ms. Branch?s chair, not only does she give you a fabulous signature hair style and look, but if you take the time to listen, she will also give you a diagnosis and prescription for your hair.

She thoroughly explains what is going on with your hair, such as types of products to use; the tools to use or not to use to maintain the silkiness or curliness of your hair; and the effect the elements will have on your hair. This type of one-on-one coaching has been missing in the traditional stylist and consumer relationship. Far too often, stylists have been concentrating on moving clients in and out of their chairs rather than listening to and then educating the client.

I have been a client of Ms. Branch?s for over 20 years and the compliments I receive on my hair, including the silkiness, are nonstop. Believe me, the education I have received, the expertise and talent Ms. Branch delivers is PRICELESS! ?Felecia Cartagena

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